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Adaptation to scientific and technical progress of Annex II to Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV)

New ELV projects for the evaluation of renewal of exemptions, to be revised or deleted from Annexes II of Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV), and for the evaluation of other topics run within a framework contract lead by Eunomia.

This dedicated website ensures that stakeholders will have easy and up-to-date project information and can contribute to online consultations. Please find in the left menu the detailed Project Descriptions, the Commission's Technical Specifications, a link to the relevant legislation, a choice of useful Guidance Documents and the Previous Reports of Oeko-Institut in chronological order.

Two projects are at present running in parallel, i.e., two “packs” of exemptions are at present under review: 

  • For Pack 1, assignment of project tasks started in September 2013 and initially ran over a period of 8 months, until May 2014. This project has been extended to allow collection of further information necessary for a comprehensive review of the exemptions at hand. Pack 1 covers the review of six exemptions concerning a possible renewal. The stakeholder consultation ran for eight weeks from 09.09.2013 to 04.11.2013 and is now closed. A stakeholder meeting took place in Berlin on 09 May 2014. The final report has been sent to the EU COM and is awaiting approval.
    For details, please study Project Descriptions – Pack 1 and Technical Specifications - Pack 1. 

  • For Pack 2, assignment of project tasks started 09 September 2014 and will run over a period of eight month, thus ending 08 May 2015. Pack 2 covers the review of three exemptions concerning a possible renewal. The consultation shall run for 12 weeks from September to December 2014.
    For details, please study Project Description – Pack 2 and Technical Specifications – Pack 2.

The projects are led by Carl-Otto Gensch from Oeko-Institut; at Fraunhofer IZM the contact person is Otmar Deubzer. The primary contact address for stakeholders is the project-specific e-mail account elv(at) Stakeholders can register on this website in order to be regularly informed about project progress (cf. Registration).