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Adaptation to scientific and technical progress of Annex II to Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV)

New ELV projects for the evaluation of renewal of exemptions, to be revised or deleted from Annexes II of Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV), and for the evaluation of other topics run within a framework contract lead by Oeko-Institut e.V.

This dedicated website ensures that stakeholders will have easy and up-to-date project information and can contribute to online consultations. Please find in the left menu the detailed Project Descriptions, the Commission's Technical Specifications, a link to the relevant legislation, a choice of useful Guidance Documents and the Previous Reports of Oeko-Institut in chronological order.


A single study is currently being performed, i.e., one “pack” of exemptions is currently under review: 

  • For Pack 3, assignment of project tasks started on 18 April 2018 and shall run over a period of ten months, thus ending 17 February 2019. Pack 3 covers the review of five exemptions concerning a possible renewal (8(e), 8(f), 8(g), 8(j) and 14). The stakeholder consultation was held for four weeks for Ex. 8(j), between 29 May 2018 and 26 June 2018 and is being held for eight weeks for Ex. 8(e), 8(f), 8(g) and 14, between 29 May 2018 and 27 July 2018 . If relevant, a stakeholder meeting may be held in relation to the exemptions to be reviewed in this project and shall be announced accordingly. For details, please study Project Description - Pack 3 and Technical Specifications - Pack 3.


The projects are led by Carl-Otto Gensch and managed by Yifaat Baron from Oeko-Institut; at Fraunhofer IZM the contact person is Otmar Deubzer. The primary contact address for stakeholders is the project-specific e-mail account elv(at) Stakeholders can register on this website in order to be regularly informed about project progress (cf. Registration).