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Exemption 5

"Lead and lead compounds in "Batteries""


This section includes a questionnaire concerning the renewal of an ELV Exemption. Stakeholders are requested to base their submissions on this questionnaire including as much comprehensive information as possible.


Background documents

Excerpt from last exemption review report 2010



> Specific questions to Exemption 5 (PDF)


Contributions to the Consultation

> Joint contribution of the automotive industry associations ACEA, CLEPA, JAMA, KAMA et al. and the associations EUROBAT and ILA,  submitted 10.12.2014 :

>> General contribution

>> Exemption 5 specific contributions and linked files:

>>> A Review of Battery Technologies for Automotive Applications

>>> Resource Availability of Metals used in Batteries for Automotive applications

>>> Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Lead-Based Batteries for Vehicles

>>> The Availability of Automotive Lead-Based Batteries for Recycling in the EU

> Contribution of A123 Systems, Fraunhofer, LG Chem and Samsung SDI submitted 17.12.2014, Answer to Questionnaire

> Contribution of Olife, submitted 17.12.2014 - Released for Publication 23.1.2015:

>> Olife Response to Questionnaire

>> Olife Response to Oko Questions in 2010 Report

>> Olife Battery Tests conducted by CZ University

>> Olife Brochure